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I am an Assistant Professor of Special Education with a research specialization in disability studies, intersections of disability and race, teacher beliefs, qualitative research, and disability studies and critical race theory (DisCrit).  I taught special education for three and a half years in Oakland, California before obtaining my doctoral degree.  I am a proponent of inclusive education and accessibility and continue to advocate for critical research/practices that embrace perspectives of Black and Brown individuals at the intersections of disability.  Students in my courses can expect to be challenged and encouraged to critically analyze special education practices.

Academic Positions

Assistant Professor of Special Education

August 2018-Present

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Assistant Professor of Special Education

August 2015-May 2018


Adjunct Professor of Special Education

September 2013-January 2014

Part-Time Lecturer in Special Education

January 2014-May 2014

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Clinical Supervisor in Teacher Education/Special Education

January 2013-May 2014